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Boost your Startup - Eustan Ventures

When it comes to a newly started anything, everybody makes mistakes. Mistakes are indeed human nature and anyone who does not make mistake in literal terms does not exist.

What varies is the extent of mistakes one makes and their interest to learn from mistakes others made. If someone is considerate enough about learning about mistakes other people have made and resort to not making them on their own is how you grow.

Mistakes are rather what one needs to evolve and to develop as a new and better person each day.
But what happens when a mistake has been made? Some take it strongly, while others get depressed and wither away with it and their industry falls down.

There are some steps that eustan ventures recommends you to take to avoid the hardship of startup business. Of course, let us be realistic. We cannot remove the trouble but we can provide you a help how to go through one if it arises and how to avoid making mistakes.

So, let us start.

This is a step by step guide on how to change your attitude and behavior and lead your startup to heights of raised valuations.

Failure is real – See, no matter how much one tries running away from it and making it seem unreal, failure is a real thing and it does happen to most of us. Even the best people in every field may have had failures at some part of their life. But what made them succeed was their attitude towards it.

Failure could not hold them back. Rather, it gave that extra push to them that separates them from the rest of us.
So, what is needed is to learn from failures both yours and that of other’s.

Its always the time – you are never late or early to achieve something in life. Numbers like age don’t decide your achievements, rather focus on numbers like valuations and funding. These are the numbers that will take you ahead in life.

Don’t hold yourself back from doing something believing your age does not complement the act. You can always do what makes your firm grow.

Self-investment – everyone who starts something on their own seem to have this utter craze of working all the time, thinking of work all the time and literal they breath work, they smell work and they dream about work. Well, to be successful and to make your success permanent, this needs to be changed.

Take some breaks, go out with friends and family, have some lone time, have crazy night outs once in a while, do things you love because this hard work you put in will one day saturate you. And when you get saturated your quality and extent of working will markedly decrease.

So, enjoy life alongside with work.

Avoid the Aglet – focus on the large and relevant things. Do not bother yourself thinking over the things that are not that important and the things that even if not done would not have made much of a difference. The reason is that this will divert your attention and deviate it from the important things and tasks.

Just like a shoe lace, focus on the thread and not the aglet which if no present won’t make much of a difference. But if there is no thread, your grip in the shoe will be compromised. Filter out the un-needed and focus on what is needed.

Have targets – set up goals for your self. Make some charts on where you see yourself in a number of years. And work accordingly. Set up long term growth targets for yourself.

For the firm, set up small and achievable targets and increase the targets as the firm grows. Setting huge targets will only de-motivate the staff and will also depress you. Set genuine and achievable targets.

So, here was a piece of advice eustan ventures is proud giving away to the young businessman. Stop beating around the bush and make real things happen. Stay focused and love every part of your company. That is how dreams come true.