How to be sure that you have found the Right Business Partner- by Eustan Ventures

How to be sure that you have found the right business partner- by Eustan Ventures

Business is a vast world. If you want to take a leap in, it is very difficult to get it done single-handedly. A business partner in most of the cases can narrow down your troubles and solve some of your problems.

It is a difficult journey out there with Startup sharks all around. You need to hold your sails tight or else your ship will turn upside down in deep waters. When you drown, there will no one be around to hold you back and guide you to the top again.

The role of a business partner is very crucial to be played. This business partner could be your spouse, your best friend or a person with same interests. If you have a good business partner, your business will succeed even in direst distress and even if it does not, you will have somebody around with whom you can think of a plan-B.

As much important as a business partner is, you need to be equally vigilant while choosing one for yourself. It is not just a hit and trial. This is your business we are talking about here. Here are a few things you need to think about before asking someone to join into your business idea.

Trust- this word being mentioned first itself explains its importance. You need to have a trustworthy person by your side. If you are sure that you know this person well enough that you can share your business with him/her, only then consider pooling up with that person.

If there is a slightest of window of doubt, do not go for that person as one bad decision of yours may sell you out in the market. And it feels really bad to be ditched by somebody whom you trusted enough.

Hard-working-  Your partner should be hard-working. At least, he should believe in working as hard as you do. If put under adverse situations, that person must know a way out by working hard. If you have a lazy sleazy partner with shirking attitude, kindly re-consider your choice of the person as you may suffer later and the person will pass off saying that you were already aware of his habits.

 Similar interests- See, no two-different people will have exactly same interests. But you can find a degree of similarity amongst some. So, find people with matching interests and you will have a helping and supporting hand in your journey. Rate people according to your compatibility with them and their visions. If they are compatible in various fields, join them up in your team.

 Educational status- try finding someone with a different field as yours. Because you are already well versed with your field, you need someone to handle situations that you cannot, for this you need a person who knows things that you don’t. It is not a mandatory criterion but it will definitely help you out.

Finding a business partner is difficult. And even more difficult is finding a good one. Nobody is perfect in this world so finding a PERFECT business partner is a myth. But one can definitely find a good and suiting business partner.