If self doubts finds a way in, show it the way out. Why and How?- Eustan Ventures

See, we all are highly busy and work oriented personalities. We delve so much into our work and business that it is indeed our bone and blood to its core to work for it.

Running a company is a difficult pursuit especially for new entrepreneurs. Nobody ever said that big things are easily achievable. You have to put in efforts if you have to gain something big. And that is what the story here is.

The problem with today’s entrepreneur is that they are always in a hurry and worry way too much. When any problem arises they start blaming themselves for it and find themselves landing in a world full of regret and remorse.

We are all humans and we should proudly state the fact that we make mistakes. Atleast, making mistakes is much better than not doing anything at all. Atleast a person making mistakes would know how to get things done better in another attempt or occasion.

And trust me, that state of believing and considering yourself responsible for any downfall or misjudged decision is a bad place. You end up alone and hate yourself for having ever made that decision.

But here is an open question to all of you. Will your act of blaming yourself change the course of events in near future? Or will you be able to go back in time and correct or undo what has been done? If the answer to above questions is a big NO, then what is the point of wasting your time over it.

Here are a few golden words to help you cope with the self doubt and emerge as a person-

What others think of you matters the least

We all are surrounded by a society where our social image is a big mind troubling area. But do you really think that anybody is going to help you out with your problems. No! It is just you who is going to deal with those problems and find relevant solutions for the same. So, sit back and boggle your brain with a possible way out. People are there to judge. Let them judge!

You are brilliant

Never forget your worth. It is totally understandable how anything went wrong. But remember all that you have achieved so far. Do not think of yourself as a small person. You are amazing. Never forget that. Whenever any element of self doubt creeps in, just remind yourself of your successes and kick your troubles in their balls. Tell them to back off!


Do not hesitate from making choices

One choice made wrong should not stop you from making any decisions in the future. Remember we are all imperfect. We all make mistakes and blunders. It is just a natural human character that we take bad decisions. What needs to be changed here is your attitude towards it. Anything should not stop you from making choices. Your people trust you. And when you hesitate, it affects their trust and faith in you.

So be a leader and stand strong and be ready to hold still if anything goes wrong.

Take time with family

No matter how hard we may try to avoid it but yes family is that one thing we can always count on. When everything leaves, there is family and so we all should make time for our family members. It is a busy and demanding job but an hour or more can be easily managed.

And sometimes when we discuss our problems with family, we find a better solution. I personally ask my mother if i ever get stuck in situations.

Self doubt is a self created space. You hold the key to the doors you have held yourself behind. And it is an inescapable place. So, it is time you realise that self doubt and blaming is just a setback and time wastage. You can better use that time in doing something more beneficial for the firm. Think smartly and leave that box of depression. You own a company. Be that strong you were when you initially faced struggles for the sake of your firm.