eustan ventures at the core, is an ongoing manifestation of A SHARED BELIEF. A belief which all of us in eustan ventures, live each moment.

We partner with people who cultivate common mission to build people. The people, who can add value to the society with their successful businesses, innovations, creativity and leadership to make this world a better world every single day.

They think beyond the logic. They rather make dreams come true. They are committed to create winning teams, systems and infrastructures. They believe in businesses which are in harmony with the universal song.

We don’t invest, We partner. We don’t talk entry or exit, We talk a massive success together. We don’t control, we empower. We don’t talk opportunities, we share vision. We don’t buy stake, we join hands. We don’t mentor, we ignite your mentor within. We don’t teach, we are part of learning together.

This universe is ready for many large success stories. This universe is waiting for many dents across.

Do you REALLY have some dream ?

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our services

initial profiling and screening

we do evaluate venture's DPR and Investor's Profile. The output is the detailed analysis and indicators to support ventures/investors/ partners for better decision making.

partners meet

our niche is to bring relevant investors, resources and ventures together for open rounds, pitching sessions, networking opportunities, education, interactions with policy makers.

end to end investment services

we take care of end to end investment raising process, by deputing relevant set of experts at various stages. Whether it is micro-finance or it is stage 2, every little step is taken care well.

startup acceleration

we provide specialized service to facilitate startups and act as venture catalyst by enabling incubation centers, creative projects, initial resource mobilisation.

market access

we align resources, channels and opportunities for better market access globally. We bring relevant expertise and consulting onboard to scale your business in the global marketplace.

training & mentoring

building human resource is the key to build organisation. Our team of trainers, consultants and mentors brings fresh perspectives at various business stages.

we build people. We are committed to create a breed of leaders who bring more positive impact to the economy and businesses.

we act as start-up accelerator, seed investor, venture catalyst, and facilitators for your ventures. We facilitate entrepreneurs, start-ups and ventures in raising funds with relevant market access with the global vision, reach & placement. At the same time, we invest and support investors in doing wise investments to make it more rewarding.

because we love to do it.

we take it a great privilege in participating in next generation wave of growth, where a lot of young, dynamic & charismatic leaders would transform the economy for the true betterment of the society. They will do it by creating businesses with rock-solid foundations and with newer operational practices to establish harmonious relation in between business goals, human lives, and mother nature.

we understand that you want to grow your money. Grow with us.

submit your business synopsis. Let’s run together.

your expertise and wisdom matters to us. Join us.

the expert says …

The individual investor should act consistently as an investor and not as a speculator.
Benjamin Graham
In the long run, it’s not just how much money you make that will determine your future prosperity. It’s how much of that money you put to work by saving it and investing it.
Peter Lynch
We don’t have to be smarter than the rest. We have to be more disciplined than the rest.
Warren Buffett
  • Benjamin Graham
  • Peter Lynch
  • Warren Buffett

industry we serve

  • media
  • internet
  • healthcare
  • energy
  • education
  • e-commerce