grow your Money with us

growing your money becomes easy if you know some rules. We know you have done excel in this. There are lot of startups, ventures, entrepreneurs & leaders who have similar tones and genes. We help you collaborating with most appropriate venture of your interest, domain preference and vision. We help you investing in ventures which are more rewarding. For this we do initial evaluation and bring qualified opportunity to you.

whether you want to invest or to mentor or to provide market access, we act as venture catalyst and your partner in this growth. You can also join our team of mentors, investors for seed, angel, stage 1, stage 2 or for growth stage. Your money and wisdom is highly respected with us and we take all proactive steps to increase your wealth.

invest with us

be part of our investment fund and team. we invest the corpus into promising ventures. For this, we reward you with a nice ROI.

the expert zone

be part of expert team of mentors for the events & the startup conclaves. Help a lot of ventures in shifting gears by taking them ahead in their growth.

angel investor

be part of our team of angel investors. Be active part of our forums, pitching sessions and startup conclaves. Invest in ventures of your interests.

venture funding

be part of turn key projects, ventures and programs to fund. Invest in series 1, series 2 and growth stages. Participate in many success stories.

investing with eustan is not only money making. It is about true wealth creation & supporting many entrepreneurs for mutual growth. We support investments starting from $10,000 USD based upon interests, expertise, potential..

  • invest in promising ventures
  • support new idea
  • preferred industry
  • grow your money
  • global opportunities
  • higher ROI

register with us

submit your short profile as an investor with portfolio & areas of interests. Many ventures are waiting for your expert nurturing experience.

we welcome and appreciate you and support you in doing serious commitment of minimum three years to a venture of your choice.

big success always requires firm commitment and persistence. Large and turnkey programs require larger engagement.

support our young leaders by contributing in incubation programs.

lead and guide ventures as an angel. Be part of our pitching sessions and Startup conclaves.

invest in multiple projects for its successful execution in various ventures at different stages.

startups always expose a lot of opportunities at various stages. Be part of their acceleration