Building Castle from Scratch, Inspiring Stories of Entrepreneurs

Building Castle from Scratch, Inspiring Stories of Entrepreneurs- Eustan Ventures

We all are surrounded by a world who believes in sheer hard work. Hard work is the key to achieve your dreams and that is how the things work these days. Efforts in work with a pinch of luck and your recipe of a successful Startup is ready.

We are here sharing an account of different start-ups and their struggles with their success stories. And it is true that a man must have his struggles, after all we need something to talk about when at the top. Struggles are like battle scars which need to be embraced, to be looked at and remembered later of the bad times that made you a stronger person.

It is said that to be successful, a person must not just look at a person’s success but also at the struggles he faced to reach the summit. So, here are we sharing something about entrepreneurs with their journey and the good and bad tides they faced. We hope you enjoy your journey too.

JugnooA Chandigarh based Startup, started in November 2015 with an aim of helping out the common man with his transportation problems. While the world was busy setting up leisure taxi services online, Samar Singla CEO of Jugnoo came up with this idea. Most people in India travel by auto rickshaws rather than taxi because of the rates obviously. These services began as an online application in Chandigarh and now has expanded to 32 Indian cities. The team looks for expanding it in other nations too. A plan to take the business to Africa has also been proposed which is a very good news for an Indian Entrepreneur.

The firm has now expanded to include not just transportation but also food services to order fruits and vegetables online.

Attracting an investment was not a difficult job for Jugnoo provided the practicality and usefulness of the idea. They got $10 million investment and they aim high on expanding the span of their business.

PumpkartNow this is an entirely unique business idea put into action. This firm started in June 2014 and has been flourishing ever since. The founder KS Bhatia came up with the idea of supplying domestic and commercial pumps. This was an unexplored territory and his idea became so famous that he was mentioned about at Silicon Valley by Mr. Sunder Pichai, CEO Google. The business idea came into eyes of masses and was very appreciated. The innovative feature is that they provide free fixing and assembling services. There are competitors now but this firm has very well set its standards high and has set others apart. This is that one business which compels people to think out of the box and how can it benefit people in the long run.

AppointyIt is a Bhopal based Startup which started off in 2001. Nemesh Singh, CEO of this firm has a lot to say about the company’s struggles and success stories. Though it is an Indian Startup but it has less than 1% of Indian customers.

When talked about the company, very strange facts come out into picture. The company at present has 100K customers in more than 110 countries. Also, the company has suffered two major bankruptcies but the team never lost their hope. They always pounced back and stronger with every fall. They provided services to form templates online for companies and businesses. They later added a dimension to their business which involved scheduling appointments and meetings.

Thus, feature was not much supported in India as people are less willing to pay. So, the team realised that they need to change their audience and that is how they boosted back into the market. Having suffered two major bankruptcies and being an experienced company, their attitude towards business is “Never say never” and that has rightly benefited them a lot.

Mobiprobeit is a Chandigarh based company. Started in March 2015 by Manish Kumar as the main lead, the company has won hearts ever since. Manish Kumar had already tried running two ventures in college time but did not succeed well. He later came with the idea of a light weight mobile based application that could help developer of other apps fix bugs.

Applications are too bulky these days but mobiprobe occupies only a little of mobile space- 15KB on android and 200KB in iOS systems. The team has built the company literally from scratch. And it has a limited and focused audience. The firm is at present bootstrapped and is looking for investment sometime next year. But struggles are the essential component. Without troubles, success looks incomplete.

This is so far a word on various Start-ups and their success stories. If you try looking into any Startup for that case, you will find a story that will teach you lessons for your own firm. If a failed Startup is looked upon, you will hear about things that could have been done right and others that could have been avoided. If a successful company is peeped into, things like rightly done and good that we avoided will be heard of.

The bottom of the story is that we all have a lot to learn from anyone who has entered this field irrespective of the outcome they had.

So, tighten your seat belts and buckle up your helmets because the next ride is going to be yours. And you never know, someday Eustan Ventures might write your success story to enlighten other fellow entrepreneurs. So, just enjoy the ride and cherish the moments- good or bad.