Remove This Word from your Dictionary Today

Remove This Word from your Dictionary Today- Eustan Ventures

We all have some words, some particular ones that we use way too often. Some words are used once in a while, once in a blue moon. Your vocabulary reflects a lot about you as a person. It reflects how you are a different human being and what is your approach towards life.

People that use motivational and strong words generally find themselves dealing worst of situations quite smoothly. While, people that doubt themselves and use words like- “I don’t think so”, “It is impossible”, “This is difficult”, etc. Often find themselves stuck in conditions that could easily have been handled.

At this moment, i would like to mention one word that brings you down, makes you stop and blocks you from trying for more. That culprit word is- Settle. Now this word holds different meaning to different people. Some tame it in a positive sense to evade certain situations. In my experience, it is a trash word and needs to be thrashed out of one’s vocabulary right away.

Why should you settle at all? You are a brilliant human being. You are the master of this super empire that you never imagined for yourself. Do you want to flush your efforts down the drain by settling down for less? I don’t think so. It is a stupid, stupid word. You should never settle for anything below your standards.

If you have an outlook, you should not settle for anything less than that. You are not average; then why should you settle for average in the first place.

Have a vision? Follow it, lead through it, push the walls, jump the fences, defy boundaries but don’t stop. You will have tough falls, you will be shattered at moments but if you settle for something easy and achievable, you will never know what was at the top of the climb waiting for you. That thing could have probably changed your life forever. By settling, you are just adding an ounce to your person, but by going through and not stopping, you would have achieved something that would have elevated you as a person and lifted you up for good.

When i looked at some friends of mine who are really good trekkers, i asked them why do you let yourself through so much pain and effort just to watch a few more mountain tops. I mean- is it not all the same? With mountains around, rivers flowing by ? To this they laughed and mocked me by saying- “You need to get to one of these treks we do, the sight at the top is always different, better and it entices us to push for more. Once you go there, you will realism how addicting it is to reach the mountain top and see the world around.”

Maybe we have all been so satisfied with our lives that we don’t want to go through a series of troubles to achieve something we have always dreamt of by being a couch potato.

I guess the time is now to make the change. To be better than average. We should be magnificent because rest of all is easily forgotten. Make a promise today to yourself that you will be much better than average.

Repeat these words everyday- “I will never settle for anything that is below my standards or below my person. Anything that hurts my self-esteem or degrades me as a person. I will push through and make it to the top.”