The Success Mantra- Stay Focused, Eustan Ventures

The success mantra- Stay Focused, Eustan Ventures

It is a topic discussed often. How do one succeed? What all to add in recipe of business to attain success. How to set up a successful brand. How to cope with most difficult of situations. There are a million other questions like these. But trust me. There is only one word that answers all these questions. And the beautiful word is Focus.

We have all heard of stories of Ant falling down and then climbing back up again. What is the thing that urges the exhausted and injured want to go through the same track again despite failure. That is focus my friend. The ant is determined to reach its goal. And no matter what comes in the way, it won’t stop until it is done achieving its summit.

Dreams ignite a fire in you but focus is what keeps you going. If you are focused, you will always prioritize your work before other things and you won’t even feel bad about letting go of other things for your work because when the corner milestone is reached, it is the happiest moment. It is like when destination of a treacherous trek is reached which is beautiful and magnificent and makes you forget all your pain and you feel relieved.

We have noticed many intelligent and brilliant Entrepreneur drooping down in the business. Why? What went wrong? They had unique ideas, ideas that could have worked wonders had they been implemented properly. They managed to grab investments too but they could not succeed. Here is one thing they lacked. It was focus. The failed to prioritize their work over other things. They failed to stay determined and not to stop until the work is done. And that is exactly where they lacked.

When you enter this field, you must understand that there is a lot of give and take in this world. You will have to give up a lot from your world to achieve something in this world. Thus may include you letting go of your habit to play golf on weekends, go out on family trips every month, meet old friends, have parties etc. Your world will not stay the same if you want to make space for yourself here.

The transition is ugly but the end point of the journey makes it of least concern to the person. One might ask that how do we try and try until we succeed, isn’t is exhausting? It is. It is difficult. But here is the thing about focus. When you are madly focused about something, it won’t matter to you if you climb a thousand stairs to reach that point. All that matters to you is to reach the end of the hike. The journey may include many hurdles but your focus will lead you through them.

Trust me! Focus is an addicting thing. It is wonderful how a single word can make people wake up on time without alarm clock, reach office earlier than rest of the staff, work 24*7 and still caving to work more.