Venture investment at the nexus of cybersecurity and AI/ML

Cybersecurity is constantly in a state of innovation and has been a big beneficiary of cloud computing trends. We were fortunate to lead the Series A investments in Zscaler and RedLock. Much like how cloud has disrupted numerous sectors in cybersecurity, we believe AI/ML is having a similar impact.

Venture capital investment at the nexus of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) has never been more robust, with firms cutting larger checks to a smaller set of mature companies using intelligent threat detection tools enabled by automation and deep learning. These developments in AI/ML have improved visibility into network vulnerabilities and user behaviors for the enterprise, fueling the growth of VC investment across this space in recent years:

With prices on the up, though, an increasing number of investors have turned to Israel for new opportunities at the nexus of cybersecurity and AI/ML. For its part, DTC has completed investments into 17 companies in Israel. The firm also recently exited its investment in Cylance via acquisition by Blackberry.

Some highlights from the industry brief:

Spotlight on a trio of rising stars developing intelligent threat detection tools
Analysis of cross-border financing trends at the nexus of cybersecurity and AI/ML
A full-length Q&A with DTC’s president on how AI/ML is enabling new markets in this space

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