15 Take-Home Messages for the Startup Entrepreneur

No matter how exciting the idea might seem, it is a difficult business to just walk away from your job and search for a new startup business opportunities for yourself. The startup entrepreneur is faced with a lot of troubles in the beginning but in the end it is worth the success achieved. The path is full of atrocities, challenges, criticism, hardships, doubts, frustration and sometimes regret. But when its all over, when success falls at your feet it feels as if all your struggles have paid you back rightly. We, at eustan ventures, feels the need to send these 15 golden advices to the new entrepreneur looking for an opportunity of growth.

Adapt- setting up a startup business offers a lot of challenges. One of these is that you may have to mould and will have to do things or tasks you never have done. Of course, being the chief-executive officer there is a dignity at the workplace but when somethings gets broken down and there is nobody around to fix it, you may have to hop in and try fixing the same or else the work suffers.

Motivate- now, this is very important. Everybody is capable of some talents, but if suppressed they may feel hostile and may not present forth their ideas. On the other hand, a slight push in the right direction may turn out good for the firm and for the staff as well. It may also help people blurt out potential growth ideas.

Share and care- share your ideas with the board and the people you think can help you create a better version of your skeleton idea. On the other hand, it is not encouraged that the idea be shared to junior staff members who necessarily do not help with it. Also, if care is taken of the employees, they put in their best work in for the firm.

Manage relations (old or new)– a successful entrepreneur has a network of people following him. Some of these people are the ones who stood by your side from the beginning while others are the new entrants. Both types of colleagues need appropriate attention. Care must be taken not to alienate any on of them.

Work as an example- when a new business is set up it calls for long hours of work. While you may have the commitment to work day in and day out, it is not necessary that your colleagues also feel the same level of commitment. When you work hard, your co-workers will feel encouraged and obliged enough to put in their best hours and work.

Division of labor- no matter how hard you might feel that you are the best person who can perform a certain task, there are people at your service hired for that job, and you must delegate work to people to have it done early and efficient.

Delegate and focus- distribute work properly to the people who are experts in that field and turn your attention to the tasks that are unattended and need to be focused on with you as the head.

Set small targets-the art of setting targets never gets old. The key to success is that one must set small targets in the beginning and then the work must me expanded on large target basis. Advantage is that the workers become comfortable and do not feel exploited. Also, the tasks done achieve the speed required in due course of time.

Be the snow-plow- walk ahead of your colleagues and remove any possible obstacle that may compromise their work.

Appreciate suggestions- make a habit to be open to suggestions and appreciate any productive changes suggested in your working plan.

Make judicious use of time- do not waste your time on things that may be solved even without your intervention. Believe that you are just a human being with as many hours a day as everybody else. So, divert your attention to more appealing tasks.

Keep a constant eye on business- keep a check of the expenses and fulfillment of targets. Any lag in the same must be looked into and be corrected as required.

Be clear of the road map-keep your future objectives clear. If something is foggy, discuss with a colleague who may guide you out of it.

Take time for yourself-when a person puts in all his energy and time in one thing, there comes a point where he gets frustrated. To avoid that situation, remember to go out and spend some time for leisure and hobbies partly.

Say thanks whenever you can-if you appreciate someone for their efforts, they feel good and put in their best of efforts working for you. Some sincere thanks take nothing but words and that is what is needed to make a person happy

We wish you all the best for your road ahead to become a successful entrepreneur. With these key- learning the path may become less treacherous.