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The entrepreneurs face an extreme money situation while launching a startup. Where can we save money and where can we avoid spending it, these are major mind boggling questions for a startup.

Well, people reading this and going through this very situation can very well relate to this. All a growing startup needs is a cheap and efficient aid that can help it expand. You search over the internet and type the caption- Best and cheap tools for a startup, and this content shows up and suddenly all your problems come to an end.

Eustan ventures has always been supportive of entrepreneurs by solving their problems from finding an investment to guiding them through it.

Here are few tools that a startup can consider using.

  • EVERNOTE- This tool forms a convenient database of your ideas and reduces your effort of summing it up. It provides an easily visible and manageable form of your data. It has an advantage of syncing data from all devices so that you don’t have to be troubled remembering where you put in those ideas or notes.
  • SURVEY MONKEY- It is a super easy tool that helps to create, collect, manage and analyze data for surveys. Surveys offer a great way to engage your customers and makes your page look conclusive and efficient.
  • BOOMERANG- it a Gmail plugin. It helps manage your emails with just a few clicks. You can set a timer when you want mails to be sent out and be received. Nobody wants to work at odd hours, so you can filter your hours when you want to receive your mails.
  • INVOICEABLE- the name makes you think that this is just another invoicing tool. But, guess what this is not. It is much better and advanced. There are no invoicing limits and no limit on the number of customers you can add. It is entirely free but if you don’t want disclaimer on your invoices, you can upgrade to a version at a one time fee of 49 great Britain pounds.
  • HOOTSUITE- This application is a must for a growing startup. In case you haven’t heard of it, let me provide a brief. It sums up all your social platforms and provides it all at one place. It is easier to navigate to one social platform to another with the help of this tool. It seems nice. Isn’t it? Saving a lot of time and energy and linking you to the social sites, it is one of the best tools.
  • DASHLANE- let me share a story before getting to this. I am a very smart person and I have a lot of accounts. And jut to be secure, I put in difficult and different passwords on my content. And trust me, my stuff remains safe. It remains so safe that even I cannot reach it. How? Because I end up forgetting so many passwords. Dashlane is the largest online password protection and security software. It provides a password generating feature offering safe password suggestions.
  • STREAK- it is a gmail plugin that helps maintain and manage customer relationships. It helps group your dealings and relationships with customers at one place. This helps you to easily track a customer and dealings with him if you need to look back.

It also helps mark deals with different keywords and you can find them easily. It offers a new feature where you can track who is reading your mails and who is not.

We hope you will look into the names mentioned and get something that suits your needs.

These tools have made the business easier for new businessman and even the old ones. So, consider using these if you need to effectively divide and organize your work.