Building a New India Rise of Next Breed of Entrepreneurs

Building a New India Rise of Next Breed of Entrepreneurs - Eustan Ventures

With the recent elections and the declaration of the new government for various areas, people have this question in mind- What does this particular government hold in its first for the youngsters of the nation?

We have these brilliant brains out here who just need the right thrust and the right push to be aligned in the position where india will have its best business era. Do you doubt your capabilities? Well that’s true, we all have an element of self-doubt and we never feel confident enough to say it out loud that we are good enough and we can literally beat the crap out of people.

But why have we been lagging behind all this while? India is at present fast growing in terms of economy. And what happens when economy grows? Flood gates open for everyone out there who wishes to be a successful entrepreneur.

We have been doubting ourselves all this while but now with new India, the India that is a fast-growing business monster, you don’t really have the choice to doubt your potentials.

A wave of positive changes has surrounded our nation, a time has finally come where India does not seem that backward anymore. Most of the serious issues have already been dumped and many are still on the verge of getting done with.

Backward India seems like an age-old concept but Growing India is the new cool.


For all the Startup aspirants out there, Modi govt. has already launched multiple schemes for the new entrepreneur. Business is a tough endeavour but adding an aiding hand subtracts down the hardships and this is what Indian government is now focusing on.

Motivation is a small word. But have you ever been motivated by someone. Trust me, its magical how you perform after someone motivates you. Startup environment has never seen such a leap. Reason directly is the supportive government schemes.

Make in india is one of these pro-entrepreneurships move. When India makes its own product, the business will flourish in India. It has already started to be implemented. Business opportunities are opening up each day and people have this immense stratum of options to choose from.

Startup India scheme launched in January 2016 is like a dream come true to these young business tycoons who have this great zeal towards starting a business of their own. The youth of the nation is vigil and enthusiastic to enter the Startup ecosystem. Our country is full of such whip-smart individuals who can add to growth of economy manifolds.

These are facts and things we amongst rest of the nation has observed and witnessed. This is not a fiction or hearsay sort of thing. These are solid facts for every young entrepreneur amongst us.

The period of struggles and impossible business funding has now finally ended. Now is the time where we all can expect even better reforms in the direction.

Now the entrepreneur can expect support in all forms- be it emotional support, or trust from peers. Funding is just an icing on the cake. There were many issues that these people faced in past but now that is an old story.


Eustan Ventures doesn’t mean to support or promote any political party on this issue. We here want to make and stamp some real and true facts about what has been going on. We have seen a growth that we haven’t seen in decades.

Start-ups are encouraged and helped to climb the ladder. Now that only a fraction of the tasks has been done, growth opportunities seem magnificent. Just imagine what will happen when even more such opportunities and plans open up.

Now that is something that happens in dreams. But here is the reality that this is not just a dream. This is pure reality and a true happening.

Guys get out of those boxed rooms with depressing aura. You are not a pushback anymore. You are the future, you are the change and now your time has come. Be that energy, be that wave, step up for now is your time. This is your era, now is when you dazzle with your true sparkle.

You are the new and refined citizens of the NEW INDIA, the India we always dreamt of, that India is finally here. It is living in the fresh air, sprouting and expanding its branches. And you are the water and minerals it needs.

Startup biome is all fresh and radiant. All it needs is a brilliant brain and a supportive government which now India has.

So be that support this country needs. Make use of this opportunity when the country is growing. Lend a helping hand to country’s growth.

Ashish Kumar is happy to announce these possible changes and looking forward to see you climbing the stairs to success.