An Eye-Opener for the Young Entrepreneurs- Eustan Ventures

An Eye-Opener for the Young Entrepreneurs- Eustan Ventures

Today how easy is it to build up a business. You have an idea, you think that it is the best thing around and you start searching for suitable resources for its establishment.

This practice has become so common today that people are rushing crazy towards it like a kid behind the ice cream van. This approach is not a bad business but people’s approach to it is full of myths.

Everyone sees only the glamorous aspect of this business. Many believe that owning a company means you get to live like a king while other employees work like your spawns.

It is good to have your own business no doubt. But where does the problem lie then. Problems arise when destination is right but the path followed is not.

This discussion is aimed at removing all the false perceptions and myths the young aspirants have of this field.

What you Think of It

See, this might seem a bit rude but what do you think. You will just get out of college with some supposedly good idea and you think that the investors and that the world owes you everything. Like you are god and they need to get your wishes done.

If this is the case, then seriously you need to put on your shoes and hike in the real world.

Many have a mind-set that once we set a business, we can go late to the office while the employees will work hard for the firm. Most people set up a business just so that they don’t have to follow that hectic 9 to 5 working schedule.

Others are lazy enough who just put it up so that they can have a lazy slimy life.

The entrepreneur business or rather any business for that account may seem like a piece of pie to everyone. People focus on just the delightful part and tend to forget the part where actual hard work is needed.

You look around and find people who were just like you and now have a great business established and they play in crores of capital.

What You Need to Remember?

This is not discouraging you to set foot in startup business but is to clarify the cloudiness related to your understanding of it.

Beginning with the startups that have succeeded, You have contacts and then you meet this CEO of a highly valued startup and strangely this person used to be that little guy that you made fun of. Now, your ego is hurt and you try finding every little reason why he is that successful and you are not. And this is when you enter into this field.

What you tend to forget is the story of those hundred others that took the same step and failed.

Startup business is not just a style-statement. It is more than that. It is pure hard work. Lying back in your bed and watching people perform the tasks you were supposed to monitor is not the best business model.

To Begin With

If you are aspiring to have a business of your own, eustan ventures welcome you but at the same time asks you to have a better approach towards business. Nothing good comes out of a lazy person who is unwilling to put in any efforts into work but just knows how to have fun.

Mind it, if you don’t love your own company or work, why will someone else who just gets paid for it will?

What makes you think that you starting a business means that you are the change that the world needs and it owes you something for that.

You are doing business for your personal motives and benefits. So, don’t expect others to do your job for you.

Rather start rubbing your ass off if you need a successful business. Because one day you will wake up realizing that your colleagues have succeeded more than you and they had much smaller to start with than you did.

Have a constant working attitude. It is your business, love it, cherish it. Don’t use it for having fun around only.