Climb the Ladder to Success by Imbibing these Habits – Eustan Ventures

Climb the Ladder to Success by Imbibing these Habits- Eustan ventures

A company is not just a front led by a founder and worked in by other employees. It is a wholesome unit which includes a variety of components. Exposure to one’s behavior and habits forms an integral part of it.

No matter how hard you try to avoid noticing someone’s habits, but once you people are so much involved in the other person’s routine and working in close association, it is almost impossible to avoid how the other person leads a normal daily routine.

We all have been there. We all are aware of our boss’ behaviour, for those who have some experience at a job. We know how he/she would react to a particular situation and what could possibly enrage him and what could not.

So it becomes very essential for a person at such a leader’s post to present himself in a way that others find the good in him. Boss is noticeable by all. We have all heard stories of bosses just like we used to talk about various teachers and head of departments back in college. Isn’t, that right? Now this is something we can all relate to. So it becomes very important for the CEO to have a good conduct around and amongst his colleagues because that matters a lot.

There are many things that a CEO should incorporate in his lifestyle and behaviour, some of which are mentioned below-

Patience- This is very easy to say and mention but very hard to implement. We all have been impatient at some point of our lives- be it a day before result or a day before college fest. But let me remind you, this is one most required and hardest to imbibe habit. If you are impatient, you are likely to freak out at most trivial of situations. A patient man on the other hand would handle the same situation very swiftly without bothering himself and the ones around them much.

Passion- When you entered this field, you put everything at stake. There was a spark that nobody else but you could see. Some of you were passionate enough to quit your jobs and drop out from college. So now when you are pursuing your dream, maintain that passion and pass it amongst your colleagues. Set a good passionate vibe to work around in the company. People tend to put in more efforts for the things they are compassionate about.

Humility- no matter how high you may have risen with your company. Remember where you started from. Keep reminding yourself of what you had in your hands when you began this journey of yours. Respect the work your colleagues do for the company. Respect the smallest of the employee of the company. Your humility will set a good and respectful image of yours. Also, it helps you grow as a person.

 Anger control- Maintain your calm and do not shout or freak out at little things and tasks. Your anger may make others nervous and also the entire aura of workplace changes. To work good, there needs to be a compatible work space. You may shout at one employee, but it will scare the crap out of others too. People should love you and not fear you. If you have something to correct in their work or if they are lagging behind in their work, handle them strictly and make them clear about the importance of the loss that the firm will suffer because of their lax attitude. But shouting is nowhere in the list of solutions.

Punctuality- Make sure to reach office on time. Try making it about 5- 10 minutes before actual opening hours. That way, you set a good example and motion at work place. If you are late at work every day, people will also start coming late as there is no boss around to look up for their lax attitude. So, be punctual and others around will follow your lead.

Starting up is not an easy business. It teaches you a lot of things every day. And lessons learnt are best if learnt from somebody else’s experience because that way you save yourself of the disappointment.