How social media is one big goddess to bless you with a boost up- Eustan Ventures

We all live in an era where classes have become online lectures, birthdays have become mass wishing on social groups, emotions have become public posts and vacations have become picture gallery to be shared. Now it is not a bad thing. It is just that the world is changing really fast.

And what do we do when the world around us changes, we change with it, we try to fit in. Because if we struggle to stay constant, we are left behind. Technology is a boon and so one must know how to use it for the better good of their company.

You must have accounts on social media. Right?

What are the things that you see when you scroll down your wall or home page. It is full of contents written or shared by people. A newer trend is focused upon sharing videos with strong social messages on the ongoing issues. There are people sharing their links to the world. So this is that one platform by means of which you can get a lot of followers and customers without actually making much efforts.

So let us have a look at all aspects.

This discussion will guide you through to make your publicity effective and efficient through social media.

Clean up is a must

If your company’s page has already been created or you want to share stuff through your own profile, you will have to go through a strict filtering of your account. This will include assessing all the content you have posted or that has been written on your profile. Also, delete any content that might create a mess later on.

If you have multiple accounts, focus mainly on one. Share information through one account actively. Then later when that account has multiple followers, share links of other accounts through the earlier account only. The sub-divisional accounts are required to segregate work load.

Have a professional outlook and put one image logo as profile pictures for all your accounts. This creates an image of unison and urges people to connect to you as a unit.

Share actively

This means that you will regularly update content of your website which might range from 4-6 times a week. This is required for people to keep checking your profile and getting updated to your horizons.

if you do not share stuff actively, there is a loss of interest amongst followers and no body looks into your gig. So to attract people and to keep their interest maintained, you will have to show your name more often to them and that occurs when you put nice and well placed posts.


Use help of your personal contacts

You can ask your contacts over social media to share the name of your brand through their posts. This will widen your circle even more.

Imagine you have 400 friends and you share a post and urge your friends to share the same. If atleast 200 friends of yours share that post each of them having around 300-400 followers, imagine how widespread your name will get with just a share and reshare.

This is very easy yet has widest span to spread your brand to the world.


Display well

Your page and posts should be attractive and eye-catching. Always try linking your posts to ongoing social issues. Try finding out what is trending for the day and write a post on that.

You can hire somebody who is well versed with this field to get this job done for you. Or you can follow some easy to learn course for the same to get knowledge of the subject. Social media is all about how you display yourself to the world. It is all under your control. If you do it well, people will think good of you.

But if the content shared has questionable data, you are doomed and an attraction for public attacks and comments.


We all need to grow with the pace that the world is running at. It is not a time when we can sit back and relax. We are in a state where we need to do well with what is happening in the world. And trust me, we have to nail it. I hope the above steps will make a difference in your business statistics and lend a growth to your firm.