Making the Right Call: How Can It Make You Successful?

Making the Right Call: How Can It Make You Successful

It seems like a tough job. You never know when it is the right time to call something off or to sign up for something.

But here is where the entire difference lies. You are a founding member of a future whale of Startup sea. And what do whales do?

They dominate, play smart and other fellow whales fear the largest one. Its just their exterior that makes others fear them. If you make the right decisions at the right time, your business will look like a whale to others because it will grow in even worst of times.

And this is the time people will scratch their scalp thinking what the hell did you do right and they did it wrong.

Whenever you are called upon to make a choice, your approach to the problem should be like that of a rapid-fire quiz contest. Ask yourself some questions and seek rational and quick answers to them and then make the call.

The questions should involve obvious facts like:

How does this affect my company?

What can be the consequences of this?

What can happen if I do not intervene?

What are my options, how do I act?

What will happen if I act in this direction?

What is the worst possible outcome that can come out of it?

Am I ready for it?

What if this goes wrong, what is my plan-B?

Do I have enough funds to counter this if this is a wrong call?

When you prepare such a series of questionnaire for yourself, you can get through any of such problems. These problems though big just need a clear mind and a sorted approach. The more complex you think, the difficult the problem gets.

This is just a sample of questions mentioned down for you. You can add more to the list and observe the change in your decision-making capacity. No doubt, as a founder of a growing Startup you are always occupied with work and you are pissed off at most of the things. But still, you need to inculcate a change in your behaviour, because an entangled and confused mind never is competent enough to make the right call.

You have put in a lot of efforts to build this empire of yours and it is very obvious that you would not want this to suffer because of such a trivial behavioural change one can easily acquire.

Learn from people around you.

Another way to put this is expect the worst and be prepared to face it. When you grill yourself through such imaginary scenarios, when one such situation actually arises it would be like a cake walk to you.

Now that little smile on your face actually means that you have finally understood the purpose of this 5-minute read article. If you use these tips, our purpose is served.