Business v/s Wealth Creation – Eustan Ventures

business v/s wealth creation- eustan ventures

Eustan ventures is here to differentiate between wealth creation and how business is being done these days. Let us take few moments of your life to make this difference evident and clear enough.

We will be posting some texts in future to make these concepts even more crystal clear.

Well, what is the world these days but a mirage- A mirage that in reality is something else but shows you off something entirely different.

In past when startup wave began, the country was happy to see its youth succeed and to achieve the highest peak. But off late the youth of the country has resorted to methods other than pure hard work to get their jobs done.

The concept of success changed from hard work to smart work and to no work at all today. These startups have hired people who know nothing but how to click on some items and enter their prices and that is how the product gets uploaded.

Let me talk of businesses like ecommerce online shopping websites, food industry online delivery, and online cab services. These companies started off with a message to make things convenient for the common man.

All they had to do was built a channel from people’s home to the providers so that people could receive goods at home without ever have to going outside.

Business – How it was Supposed to Be

Business is a broad term which includes any commodity to be sold or bought for the benefit of a person. What people in past used to do was put in extreme efforts and rub their asses off to earn money.

People were hardworking then and were honest too.

Then came somebody who spread the word about smart work. Smart work hypothesis worked well enough and is still followed by many. But this changed people’s honest approach to business.

They started looking for shortcuts and for easier ways of getting things done.

And what happens when people start working less, they start finding methods to not work at all and receive money and cash for it. That is what has ruined the business today.

Present Day Scenario

The hard work and honesty are all a talk of past now. Now, people have become shrewd and smart and they know how to get their work done.

All they care is about their benefits no matter how many poor innocent people have to face the loss. Today’s youth is not concerned about wealth creation rather they approach for money generation.

Now these terms might seem similar but guess what they are not. Wealth is what prosperous and rich collection of wealth is. It is earned by pure means. No gambling, no lies involved.

But money generation is a hoax concept. It is not actual money but it is the money that is shown around to people to earn goodwill and valuation.

How it Works

The basic concept of money generation is that you show your buyers to a potential investor. And obviously if the valuations are high enough investor find it intriguing to invest in your firm. But the real question is how did you earn these many buyers. That is when actual wealth comes into role.

These firms provide immense discounts and products at very low prices to attract buyers. And what happens when you have more buyers? Investors swoon to invest in your firm. But in reality the firm is not in riches rather it is in rags with a fake mask of riches.

They provide discounts at the cost of their own benefits and earn buyers to attract investors. And what happens when your competitor is doing this kind of act? You resort to same methods too. And that is how it all starts.

To Sum Up

It must be realized that no matter how low priced stuff these brands offer o how convenient their services are. These companies are a major reason for the downfall of our economy since they are leading to capital dumping.

It must be realized earliest that these practices are done with. Because non stop bickering of these competitor companies have harmed our country and common businessmen a lot and their foolish and selfish practices and business tactics must not be supported anymore.

It is a stupid and harmful way of doing business and they must be taken back to business schools to make their concepts of business and economy fresh and sound. Otherwise, they are definitely going to take themselves and the country down into the ditch.