Starting a company? Read this before you do it- Eustan Ventures

Getting people to work for you and be the emperor if a kingdom seem like amazing jobs. But do you really think it is like a cake-walk. Trust me! This is not discouraging you to pursue any of your dreams, nor do we intend to make you any less of a person than you already are.

We are just here sharing few words of wisdom and take home messages that you need to be thorough with if you aspire to set up a company.

People come into business world as founders, co-founders, or employees. Each one of them, no matter what their post is, has a vision of where do they wish to see themselves after certain years. Now that might have led you down a road imaging you sitting in a well-furnished office room in a high sky building. See, i told you. We have all been there.

Now, when you think of having a business set up, there must be some doubts and questions surrounding your mind. Well some of these problems can be solved by you having a slight brain working for it. The other problems can be tackled down with help of your colleagues. And some remain untameable, and trust me these problems are what adds fun and spice to your job. And last of all, are the troubles that are virtual and non-existent meaning that they are problems created by you which can be very easily handled and these are the places where no man in his right mind would invest his energy at all.

Here are some keypoints to begin with if a successful business is your aim-

  • Friendly work environment- Your office should be a friendly place to all employees despite their posts and jobs. You must welcome and encourage each and everyone to bring forth their ideas and think on lines of your employees for once. You are amazing. But others can be amazing too, trust that.
  • Let’s do it- What many people do is that they search for reasons why a particular task cannot be done. We suggest that one should make a difference by looking for one reason why it should be done. To look for that one path how it can be done. Your pickup lines should always be- Let’s do it rather than “I am not sure whether it can be done”.

I mean what is the worst that can happen- your plan may fail. You should support innovation because that is how legendary things happen.

Be focused on team- No matter how badly you might need that one employee, we believe that the entire team plays more role than a single employee. Change your approach from being individual-centric to people-centric. Know and believe that a team if set in right motion can achieve wonders.

Be the lion, not the shark- Now this is a deep concept to understand. See, in ocean everyone fears a shark but it is not called the king or queen. When it comes to a jungle, a lion is feared and respected by all. So be that lion who is called the King and for whom the employees are willing to put in their maximum efforts. Don’t be a grumpy man going from cubicles to cubicles and shouting at people.

Observe things around, set them in motion and sit back and watch like a lion.

Panic is the last thing you need- I know there are moments when you feel so fucked up but you cannot stop working even then. Because if you do, its your firm that suffers. Failures are a truth of life. Every successful man has definitely suffered failure in some form. But what made them great was their approach towards it. They endured it and learnt lessons from it. They grew and embraced their wounds and scars. That is how they become successful.

Had they panicked from fear of failing or stopped at first roadblock, they would have never made it to the finish line.

Having a business idea and people around to help execute it is not the only thing a company needs. It is a group of people working together in synchrony and trying to achieve things and goals for their cumulative benefit. So these are a few lessons that you need to read before going on roads of building an empire of your own.

The journey is difficult but the finishline is blissful. It is a bumpy ride but you are going to enjoy the view at the last. We wish you luck.