The Other Side of Success- Eustan Ventures

To all of us, success is a bliss. It is like an endpoint to a full of misery journey, like a place one reaches when the storm passes off, like the shore to a restless sea.

We have like millions of our own definition of success. All we do is associate our best of feelings to it. It is a joyous conclusion of a miserable and difficult time. For people in Startup business, success is achieved at various levels. It starts right from receiving an investment to getting the company started to people liking and purchasing your product. There is not an end to this process.

Since this success is reached after going through an extreme grilling and toiling oneself, there is no better feeling but to be successful. We quit our hobbies, friends, leisure time, interests and divert all our energy in just one direction and that is business. What we tend to forget in the process is that we are absolutely left with nothing for our personal selves in the end. Ok! We may become successful, become rich and famous but where are we happily benefiting ourselves.

For this, we have left behind every dear thing to us and all we have left today is a name, fame and money- loads and loads of money. But we have all heard of something way too often- “Money cannot buy Happiness”. This is exactly what i wish to talk about here.

we bury ourselves so much into work that we forget how to make time for our self, family, friends, hobbies, etc.  At the end of all the troubles, you will find yourself alone and not a single soul to share your success with. And trust me, that is the worst that can happen to anyone.

This can be avoided. We can all try reducing our working hours or at least manage to talk to our family members at least once a day. You want to reach till the end but i am sure you don’t want to reach to the other side of success.